WandaVision: MCU Easter Eggs In Episodes 1 & 2

Author: Sofia Martine 1/19/2021

The most awaited television series by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, WandaVision, is finally streaming on Disney+, and the first two episodes of the series have gained huge popularity among the MCU fans. The series stars Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen as Vision and Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, respectively. The series includes a very different storyline as you might not have seen anything like WandaVision in the MCU before ever. The series is an admiration to a number of classic sitcoms like I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and Bewitched because all of these sitcoms have been set in an unpredictable world where nothing seems the way it is. However, both the episodes of WandaVision are more joyful in that aspect because they have excellent lengths and avoid several major issues from dropping. In this article, we have discussed some major Easter eggs in the series.

A “Bewitched” Opening

The starting scenes of the first episode of WandaVision shows Wanda looking after her house by using her power in the Marvel Cinematic Universe television show- telekinesis. However, it seems odd somewhere, but it is really fun to watch. Later, in the episode, it has been depicted that Wanda’s powers are not fully in her control.

Vision Has An “Indestructible Head”

The first episode of the series WandaVision reveals a fact that Vision has an “indestructible head,” that can be considered somewhat true according to the Marvel Cinematic Universe – where the head of Vision is being crushed by the mighty Thanos as he wanted to take out the Mind Stone which was placed on the skull of Vision. According to the storyline of the series, Wanda is living in a world full of happiness along with Vision, whose vulnerability has been removed completely.

A Subtle Nod To Avengers #238

According to the calendar shown in the first episode of the series WandaVision, the story takes place on the 23rd day of August. A crucial issue is Avengers #238, as it shows that Vision has been reactivated after getting deactivated in an earlier event that consists of a magical energy field. This can be considered as a subtle warning that all the things that take place in the series WandaVision exists in a similar reality.

Vision’s Tie Bears A Distinctive Pattern

Vision has been spotted wearing a tie with a very interesting pattern on that tie. A similar tie he has also worn in Tom King’s Vision, where he attempts to fit in the human society and tries to start a family. This pattern of his tie gives various clues regarding the future plot of the series WandaVision.

Separate Beds Evokes The Censorship Of I Love Lucy

At the starting of the second episode of WandaVision, many people were not happy to see the separated beds of Wanda and Vision. This is an excellent reference to the censorship in the starting days of television when the portrayals of “women and men together in a bed” were opposed by the British Board of Film Classification. The intimating scene of Wanda and Vision when Wanda moves the two beds together would never have been depicted or approved in the series by censors. However, it has been shown that it may be due to modern standards.

This article concludes some of the Easter eggs that have been noticed by the viewers in the first two episodes of the recently arrived television series WandaVision on Disney Plus.

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