VKMonline Safety Tips
Vkmonline (VKM) - a site for creative people in entertainment. VKM Online – A social network designed for creative people to come together, and those that are involved with a creative type of activity: musicians, poets, artists, DJ's (DJ), presenters, singers, dancers, writers, models, actors from around the globe. The purpose of this site is to connect people and organizations around the world and enable them to find and communicate with each other. We want to make sure that all the people who came to this site, feel safe, comfortable, and welcomed. Here are some safety tips to ensure that your experience on VKMONLINE is a superior one.
VKMonline requires that people are honest about their age, gender, location, and other registration information. VKMONLINE also prohibits all types of scams and spam. However, we can't guarantee that everyone on this site is being honest.
1) Protect your name: Your profile represents you so do not allow other people using your identity. Do not share your password. VKMONLINE will never ask for your password anywhere but in a login screen. Do not give your password to anyone over the phone, do not send your password in a private message, or display it in any posted material.
2) Protect your identity: Be very careful about posting any personal identifying information. This includes your address, phone number, and personal email addresses. Also, be careful posting text messages or photos that might reveal where you are found. This includes your school or office name/address and location.
3) Use your Privacy Settings:
You can choose who can see your profile, and which users you accept as Friends. Remember that some Posted Material on other users profiles, such as forum posts and comments, may be open to everyone, even people just browsing the internet.

VKMONLINE is for everyone. Remember that your friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors, etc., have access to this site, so make sure that your profile and other posted material are either private or don't contain information you wouldn't want people to see.

4) Block users that you do not want to communicate with. You are responsible for your own profile, so you can delete any entry from your Comments section.

Remove people from your Contact list if you do not trust them or want them to have access to your profile.
5) When responding to a request, be sure to view the User's history - this may help you decide whether or not this user is legitimate. Do not send your credit card numbers, social security numbers, or any other personal/financial information to any user on this site. If you would like to donate money to an organization, please do it through a third-party, like Pay Pal, rather than sending any financial information directly. Please check out our warning page for the latest scams. We delete users who we believe are running scams as quickly as possible, but please view our list of known scammers and their techniques.
6) Be extremely careful about meeting (in person) people that you don't know. People are not always who they say they are.
7) Tips for Parents:
The minimum age to register on VKMONLINE is 13. If your child is registered on VKMONLINE, you might want to monitor their access. Go over the risks associated with Internet networking sites, including the Safety Tips posted here. Ensure that your child knows how to protect their identity, and can identify inappropriate content and communication. Also, communicate the importance of reporting any violations to make sure that VKMONLINE remains a safe and positive place to exchange help and communicate with like-minded people.

Please report violations immediately to report@worldtreadehelp.com:
- If you suspect someone has access to your account
- If you see anything that violates the VKMONLINE Terms of Service Agreement, including abusive or obscene Posted Material
- If you receive chain letters and any other "spam"
- If you receive an inappropriate or abusive private messages, Comments, etc.
- If you believe that someone is lying about age, gender, etc.

We will act on your information as quickly as possible.