Copyright Holders:

VKMonline takes copyright violation very seriously. Each user must read and agree to the terms and conditions to stay on VKMonline. The administration of this site understands that the VKMonline Community, according to existing laws, faithfully uses the services and capabilities of this resource. If you are a holder of exclusive property rights and believe that your copyrights were violated by VKMonline users, please send a complaint to the site administration at: Your application will be reviewed within five (5) working days, after which you will receive a report on the results of actions taken with respect to the alleged violation of exclusive rights.

Pay attention to the fact that VKMonline does not control and cannot review all content on the site, and therefore cannot guarantee that a particular user or any other user can re-post a link to information that is the content, or the content itself of your exclusive right. According to common practice on the Internet, all information is laid out by the user and without control of any party. However, your inquiry regarding the content that violates your copyright will be considered mandatory.
In case of improper content on the site we encourage you to seek and contact the user who posted the content that violates your copyrights. Experience shows that it is one of the functional and fastest ways to resolve the conflict on the Internet. During that process, if there is no resolution, then contact the site administration, fill in and send the appropriate form confirming your copyright on the existing content.
To file a complaint posted on the site user-generated content, does not require any technical or legal knowledge. All complaints are reviewed and are free of charge, according to the rules of submission of forms for each applicant, in the same order. Site administration ensures the effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, technical tools necessary to handle the complaint, and give the applicant prompt notice of the complaint procedure and removal of user-generated content.

Attention! Administration does not accept complaints sent anonymously, and those complaints that were filed in the interest of third parties. The exception is those complaints that fall under the legislation of relevant interests.

A complaint should not be deliberately used for legitimate content, distribution obstacles and somehow interfere with the lawful dissemination, in order to promote, or some other legitimate purpose - the intellectual user’s property.

If you are filing a complaint, you acknowledge and agree that the illegal content that you found on the site was posted by the user and you are the author or a trusted entity.
Notification of copyright infringement and the applicant must:

Any individual or company wishing to complain about the violation of the action must first meet and become familiar with the following conditions:
(1) The holder of intellectual property used by the user of the VKM, individual or organization which he represents, has the exclusive right on behalf of the owner.
(2) The content that a user proposed on the site violates the legitimate rights and interests of the copyright owner.
(3) Each complaint relates to only one case of violation of the rights and interests rather than several.
(4) By following these rules, you agree that the complaint, all information about you, and all information (including personal data), directed to the administration of the site is correct, and that your specified e-mail address will be used by the administrator as further communication on the complaint.
(5) If you absolutely refuse to provide information about yourself and about the content in question, about the controversial content, which requires these rules, then your complaint will not be considered.
(6) Once you submit a complaint about the controversial content, you will get an e-mail response for your complaint. However, if the rules on registration requirements of the complaint are violated, the administration of the site reserves the right not to consider such complaints, you will be notified and you will be asked to provide additional necessary information.
(7) The administration reserves the right to suspend consideration of a complaint to obtain all necessary information.
(8) If you do not identify correctly the e-mail, or if the email address does not exist, or if it is blocked or not functioning, then the complaint will be dismissed.
(9) VKMonline Administration reserves the right, in some cases, to request, from the applicant, all relevant information about the controversial content, in writing.

If your application meets all the requirements of the rules for filing a complaint, and you are not abusing the submission form, the controversial content you specified in the complaint, and the link specified in the application will be blocked for any person, within 10 (ten) working days. In cases where specified content has already been removed by the user and is no longer controversial content, the application will be dismissed, without blocking it, and you will be notified about this by e-mail.

If the user of the content of which was blocked, did not protest against the block within 10 (ten) working days after the beginning of the block, then the controversial content will be removed by Site Administration.
Site Administration reserves the right to remove the controversial content, regardless of the presence or absence of an objection to the respective user, if the disputed content violates laws or terms of use and the current appeal is sufficient information to take appropriate action.

To be effective, please make sure you include the following items in your notice of copyright infringement:
(1) Detailed contact information of the authors, as well as information assistant (if any), including name, address, phone number, and email address.
(2) The exact designation of content (songs, photos, videos) that you think violated your legal rights.
(3) Materials that can prove that you really are the legal owner of the content and copyright.
(4) Statement for which information you have provided in the notification is accurate.
(5) Physical, pro-scanned, the signature of owner, a private individual or organization, being authorized to act on behalf of the exclusive rights holder.
These actions are considered abuse of the complainant:

- Knowingly file a false complaint in the form of trolling;
- Multiple complaints, formally corresponding to the Rules of the application, but containing false information;
- Fraud, falsification of documents, signatures (including electronic) and information;
- The use of automatic mailing / robots for communication with the Site Administration.

If the user finds the site of the block is not legitimate, he has the right within 10(ten) working days to appeal the decision with the rational reason for their legal action and notify the administration of the site, providing complete and detailed information explaining why the blocked content is allowed to be on the site. However, if the user refuses to provide the necessary information and explanations about the controversial content required in accordance with the rules of the site, the objection will not be considered. Site Administration notifies the user via e-mail about the improper application objections and points to the mistakes made in the application itself, with a request to add additional/missing information at the right time. If all the additional information submitted by an objection party, in compliance with the relevant rules established by the Terms, Site Administration, forwards the objection to the applicant complaint and the complaint itself direct to the user.

Site Administration keeps documents and email correspondence related to the consideration of complaints, as well as information about the block and remove the disputed content within one year from the date of the end of the complaint procedure, after which the entire contents of the information is deleted. For information about the complaints, the content of the blocked content and controversial claims and objections, the Site Administration did not disclose, except as established by applicable law and these rules.

Information about the controversial content, sample should be completed as an application for appeal:
• The name of the audio or video recordings;
• Address / Link with controversial content;
• Official website (if available);
• The number assigned to the product on the public registry;
• A copy of state registration;
• A detailed description of the complaint (why the spread of this information is forbidden copyright holder).

Information about the owner:

• Copyright: Original owner or legal entity:
• Name and surname:
• E-mail:
• Phone:
• Country: ---------
• State or Territory:
• Registered Address:
• Web site owner on the Internet.
You agree to the rules of the complaints related to the placement of content on VKMonline.
You agree that:

• You are the legal owner  or legal representative of this controversial content.
• You specified that a user uses the disputed site content without your consent.
• False accusation of copyright infringement by using this procedure may lead back to you with legal actions.
•  Your e-mail address will be used by the site administrator for further communication for the complaint.
• The above information about you (including personal data) and your complaint will be forwarded to the user to list the disputed content, specified by you.
The Site Administration reserves the right to amend, supplement, or change these rules.

For complaints about content areas, please contact the following email address: