VKMonline Terms:

To get access to our website, VKMonline, you have agreed to our terms. These terms apply to all sections and pages on this site. Please read them carefully. These terms define your rights and obligations as a user of VKMonline, and are a binding agreement between you and the VKMonline - www.vkmonline.com team. If you do not agree with these terms or can not observe them for any reason, please do not visit the website, and do not create an account. These terms are necessary to establish a fair and legal environment for our global network. Site administration has the right to modify these terms without prior notice to the user. New information of our User Agreement will be added to this page - http://vkmonline/terms. If we find that for some reason you do not follow our terms, we have the right to close your account  immediately without warning.

VKMonline is also known as "VKM". All “VKM” registered users gain access to all existing services and the site created by you -whether it is personal, company, a nonprofit activity, or something else. You have the right to add any material to your account without restriction in accordance with the Terms. This includes profiles, forums, blocks, pictures, articles, audio recordings, soundtracks, videos, or duels. VKM owns all of the material on this site, including website design (layout, images, videos, etc.), data (text, information, project data, etc.), programming and project infrastructure , and other files to the site. Members that have volunteered to help add to the VKM's ideas, his labor, without pay, will also belong to VKM. VKMonline is free and does not pay fees to users for providing content.


People under 13 years of age are not allowed to register to this site. If we find that you are under 13 years of age, your account  will be removed. On this site you will be responsible for any changes in your account.


There are some minor limitations which you must comply with:

  1. The choice of Username - Usernames and emails to login with is the user's own responsibility.The administration reserves the right to block the user if their name violates the accepted moral and ethical standards, or is offensive to other users opinion. 
  2. Your Password: The password must be known only to the user and should not be communicated to third parties. Please keep your password secure. If necessary, users have the option to change their password in the “profile” section of this site.
  3. Any intellectual and technical materials that you put on the site can be seen in different places on the Internet.
  4. Your profile: You agree to not transfer or sell your account to third parties. Being in contact with other participants on the site can give you the right of exchanging various materials, goods, services, or funds, including public or private exchanges. You are responsible for the correctness of your letter knowing that the context is open to all users of this site.
  5. We will not edit your work. Try to avoid spelling and logical errors in your posts to others to be comfortable to read them. Please be patient with people who accept spelling and logical errors in their letters and report this.
  6. Exposed material: You are responsible for all of your exposed material placed in your account (the account), including profiles, forum, blocks, groups, pictures, articles, audio recordings, soundtracks, video, duels, and backing tracks. When you register, you are responsible for your own information. You agree that you have not  misrepresented your age, or did not play the role of a legal person that you are not.
  7. After registration on the VKMonline the user has the right to create content on this site to the public from his own name as well as other information about himself or other people who are the holders of any works. If the product is owned by several authors (owners) or the user is not the owner, then he (the user) is required to provide information about the author (s) (owners) and get their permission for the works on this site. This content is available to the public and the user agrees to freely use, or put up the content by third parties.


Added Photo, Music, Duels, Videos, Articles, Blogs, and Audio Material:

  1. Exposing the material to the VKMonline, such as a photo-material, soundtracks, music, videos, blogs, articles, or the duels, user bears full responsibility for all activities in accordance with the law of the country where he resides.
  2. Members cannot upload/download music, duels, photos, videos, backing tracks, or soundtracks without the permission of the owner or author of the material.
  3. VKMonline does not sell to any third party, and never uses any other means that are uploaded to this site which includes articles, music, video, photos, soundtracks, and blogs.
  4. VKMonline only provides technical capabilities such as disk space on this site for storage and transmission of downloaded articles, music, videos, photos, soundtracks, backing tracks, or blogs on the Internet. All actions are carried out only at the initiative of the user.
  5. VKMonline is aware that users can download/upload music, videos, photos, recordings, blogs, and articles that violates the copyright law, but can not make the selection and preliminary view all loaded to the website material. However, at the request of the author or rights owner of any material VKMonline is committed to removing these music, videos, soundtracks, or photo materials, and in some cases, if required by law, reveals the user information, which carried out such an abuse of action.
  6. When downloading music, video, sound recording, duels, blogs, articles, audio, or photo content, a user agrees to not claim or demand rewards or compensation from VKMonline.It is prohibited to carry out propaganda or agitation instigating hatred amongst social, racial, ethnic, religious hatred and enmity, war propaganda, social, racial, national religious or linguistic superiority and bigotry, illegal activity, criminal offense, fraud, pornography, harassment, defamation, or any other form of abuse including sexual orientation. This goes against the fundamental purpose of this site, and any account (account) will be removed immediately. You are solely responsible for the copyright of any of the materials that you propose in dealing with our users. You cannot impose your material that violates privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights, contract rights, or other rights of any person. You have fully retained ownership of all exposed material including, intellectual property rights, and copyrights. VKMonline reserves the right to display, save, copy, reformat, and distribute any part of the information sent to this site which automatically becomes a part of VKM. If you delete posted content, VKMonline reserves the right to archive-it. You agree to not put the video or any information on this website about others without their consent.



VKMonline reserves the right to support advertising. Ads and all other application is prohibited. If the VKM is not expressly authorized, any commercial advertising, communications, company profiles, non-profit organizations, and other forms of application will be removed and will result in termination of your membership of VKMonline without your consent. VKM reserves the right to remove content of advertising for any reason (including the above-mentioned).VKMonline cannot guarantee the integrity and legitimacy of materials exhibited. You agree that your are responsible for exposed material, to not post messages on the site that contain obscene words and expressions, and not to post pornographic materials, as well as perform any other actions that may be regarded as a network attack. VKM reserves the right to require that users abide by these terms (including the consideration, signaling, filtering, changing the account (account) and putting up the Material) without any obligation. You agree that you have no claims to this site administration. If someone else puts unwanted material in violation of these Terms make sure to report it.


Using the System

You agree to not post any materials on the site to intentionally destroy or reboot the system VKM. You agree to not distribute viruses’ operated software. You also agree to not use any unfair, misleading, or deceptive material. Such activities can lead you to the end of the membership and removal of exposed material on VKMonline. You agree that when using VKMonline you refuse to perform acts which are known or can be regarded as unlawful.

Site Administration Members drew attention to the fact that the disclosure of information (privacy) that is committing acts that result in information to which access is restricted in accordance with the law, service, trade secrets, professional secrets of various kinds, etc.  becomes known to unauthorized persons without the consent of its owner, and for no legitimate use of intellectual property (works of science, literature, art, computer programs and databases, phonograms, etc.) including by posting copies thereof or parts of the Internet, legislation of many countries, established civil, administrative and criminal liability.


Any form of mass mailing (spam, junk mail, chain letters, and commercial promotion of other sites) are not allowed on VKMonline. You agree to access only VKM only through VKM. This network was created in good faith and honesty. VKMonline ensures that you will never be inflicted deliberate harm such as loss of data, loss of profits, loss of business,or personal reputation,replacement exhibited the materials, or intangible losses resulting from your use of VKM. The rules serve the interests of all users. Therefore, in the case of a user or suspected violations of these Terms you are required to report them to VKM. Please write a brief explanation of the offenders, and send a confirmation message.


The administration reserves the right at its sole discretion to remove or disable the account without any explanation if it informs that the user has a negative effect on the atmosphere of the site.