The president is three years old

Author: Melinda Melinda 11/13/2022

Long Xue'er said fiercely: "No!"! Me and Daddy, and you and your mommy! If you don't agree, no one will go to the shooting range! "No!"! I want to be with Brother Sky! "Night Ocean!"! Don't you dare not listen to me! Long Xue'er pushed Ye Yang forward, but he ran away and dodged. Long Xue'er went after him, but she couldn't catch up with him. She stamped her feet and said, "Ye Yang, how dare you hide from me!"! Yeyang Mommy, come and take care of your baby Yang. He bullies me! Long Xuanang saw that her lips began to turn white. He was so frightened that he asked Yu Le for help and said, "Let Ye Yang agree quickly." Lu Ziqi could not bear to see it and said, "Mr. Long, you are too used to Cher.". Children can't be too used to it. In our hometown, children like her can go to the fields to pick up grain ears during the autumn harvest. You should put her in the countryside for a good exercise. Otherwise, she will not make intimate friends of the same age in the future. It was the first person to jump out and accuse him of improper education. Long Xuan's lips were tight and he said in a dumb voice, "Cher is different from other children.". She doesn't have Mommy's pain, and I don't want her to suffer any grievance. Of course, he will not say that Cher has heart disease, so that Cher has a psychological burden. Lv Ziqi shook his head and said, "Ye Yang's father has not appeared for more than three years since he was born, which means that he has not been loved by his father. But isn't Ye Yang well educated by Yu Le?" Sky's line of sight has been following the two babies, here is the grass, there are no stones, running should not fall. Poor parents in the world, Yu Le couldn't bear to see Long Xuanang, a big man in a dilemma. He rushed to Long Xue'er and picked her up and said softly,Portable gold trommel, "Little beauty, I'll take a plane with you and Xiaobai.". The four boys are sitting together, okay? Long Cher opened her eyes wide, stared at her pupils, and suddenly raised her hand and said, "Good!"! We are two girls together. Ha ha ha! Bah! He put his arm around her neck and kissed her face. When Yu Le kissed him back, Ye Yang jumped up and shouted, "No!"! I want to be with Mommy! Mommy,magnetic separator machine, you're partial! Yu Lebian shook his head and said, "Baby, Cher is younger than you. You are the elder brother. You have to give in to her." While boarding the helicopter. Woof, woof! Small white "whoosh!" Jumped up, the night ocean is not willing to chase, bound feet step on the plane ladder, jump, light on the cabin, while fastening the seat belt, then angrily said to Cher: "You are so bad, rob my mommy!" "Just grab it!"! Just grab it! Hum Long Xue'er reached out and grasped Yu Le tightly. She raised her lovely little face like an apple and begged, "Mommy Yeyang, I will be here in the future. Don't hug him, OK?" Yu Le said earnestly, "You are both little angels sent from heaven, so you can't favor one over the other. I like them very much and I will hold them." Long Xue'er said coquettishly, "Don't I want to share your love with him?" There is no perfume on Yu Le's body, tin beneficiation plant ,coltan ore processing, and the faint body fragrance has a maternal flavor, which she likes very much. Yu Le asked, "Cher, don't you think eating together is better than eating alone?" "No, I don't like to eat alone. I like to eat with Daddy." In the same way, you can get my love with Ye Yang. Ye Yang is very generous, isn't he? Yu Le gave a wink in the morning and evening. Ye Yang clenched his fist, "Humph!" Turn your head and look at the scenery below through the cabin glass. The helicopter has taken off and the Xiaoyou Islands are in full view. Sitting on another plane, Long Xuanang's eyes have been staring at Long Cher's plane, really think impassability, Cher can leave him with Yu Le. Sky, who was sitting next to him, suddenly asked, "Is Cher in poor health?" Long Xuan angmeng turned his head sideways and looked surprised, but it was normal for him to guess the subtle observation required by Sky's special status. He nodded and said, "Cher was born prematurely and suffered from congenital heart disease. She can't get angry before she is five years old.". She was so young that I didn't want her to know about her illness, so I didn't tell him. I hope you can keep it secret. He looked at Lv Ziqi. Lu Ziqi was shocked and then said awkwardly, "Mr. Long, I'm very sorry.". You can rest assured that for the healthy growth of baby Cher, I will not say anything. Long Xuanang said earnestly, "Ziqi, you will call me Brother Long in the future.". I am very happy to have such a sincere friend like you! Your suggestion is very good, and I will consider it. Lu Ziqi said in amazement, "Brother Long, what suggestions have I made?" Sky laughed and said, "Let Cher go to the field to pick up the ears of grain during the autumn harvest." "God!"! The daughter of the shipping king picks up the ears of grain. Lv Ziqi is about to faint. Long Xuanang laughed, shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile, "Why not? I think this can also let my baby learn farmland knowledge and exercise his body and will.". I'll buy two pieces of land right away and take Cher there in the autumn. Sky's beautiful phoenix eyes sparkled, nodded and said, "OK, call me then.". Yu and I will take the baby. Shooting on a sunny day, the sun will produce a shadow, affecting the accuracy of shooting. At 7:30, as soldiers, Iga Suri and Iga Bing came to the only shooting range in Xiaoyou Islands to warm up and shoot. The flame-red sportswear worn by the two aunts and nephews was bought by them last night when they took a helicopter to the shopping mall in the East Night Metropolis. In order to attract the attention of Long Xuanang, Iga Suri must take the first place today. Iga Bing also specially bought a small red skirt last night, today he will set up a plot to let the night ocean drill in, and then to see the night ocean wearing a red skirt. Hands down the pistol, he looked at the red card raised opposite, another ten rings, happy "ha ha ha!" Laughing loudly, I thought to myself: Ye Yang, you are waiting to wear a skirt and be laughed at by people all over the world! From the moment the helicopter landed and Long Xuan Ang walked down, Iga Suri's line of sight never left. Her hot eyes looked at this very attractive mature man can not help but begin to face hot. In her eyes, any woman is no match for her, Yu Guang saw Yu Le holding Long Cher, lightly snorted, slightly raised his chin, like a queen treating a maid. She took Iga Bing straight to the front of Long Xuan Ang, a pair of stars on the smiling face shot out thousands of light, gentle voice like water is very pleasant, can cause all male animals physiological response,Portable gold trommel, "Xuan Ang, I am Iga Suri, this is my nephew Iga Bing." 。