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Author: Ronin Diallo 11/9/2022

"By the way, Sister Dancer, it's your turn to come on stage next. Be careful. Kula's strength is very strong." The second battle is over, so the next natural is the beginning of the third battle. The women's fighter team vs the lovely cat team, Kula and Angel, Li Yalin know their strength, although Sister Dancer is already very strong. But their opponents are not to be underestimated. "Well, I know," I don't know the fire dance nodded, looking at Li Yalin's solemn face, she is also secretly prepared, this battle must be won, but also to win beautiful, although they have not seen the way Kula and Angel fight, but at least they have to be prepared. "Haha, everyone has a good time today. After the bloody rose and the violent walk of blood, there are two women's teams on the stage. Speaking of it, the female fighters who participated in the KOF contest this time are really many, but they give people a feeling that Yin flourishes and Yang declines. Can it be said that this is the prelude to the rise of women?" The host's mouth is really broken, but I have to admit that this guy is right. There are a lot of female fighters in this KOF contest. Although it is not as exaggerated as the decline of Yin and Yang, at least the proportion of men and women is very average. Moreover, the strength of these female fighters is even more than that of male fighters. Although this makes the male fighters very humiliated,ultrasonic cutting machine, but the audience outside the court will not pay attention to so much, as long as the fight is good-looking, if you want to make a choice between the battle between brothers or the battle between beauties, then I believe that the answer is needless to say that everyone knows it. Therefore, the third battle is also destined to be eye-catching, especially after the appearance of the unknown fire dance, which makes everyone cheer and scream. The reason is very simple. The unknown fire dance is not only Li Yalin's public girlfriend, but also the contemporary master of the unknown fire flow, Li Yalin's elder sister. In terms of popularity,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, the unknown fire dance can be said to be the highest among all female fighters. Chapter 739 Angel VS don't know fire dance. That's right, the fallen angel's girlfriend Ai has been hated by many women for this, but she has gained more male fans. Of course, she doesn't care about it at all. Now do not know the fire flow at the height of its power, do not know the fire dance has long had no regrets, this time to participate in the KOF competition is not to win the championship or attract other people's attention, just simply enjoy the fun of the competition with Li Yalin. Of course, this first battle, who also don't want to lose, even if usually don't know fire dance and Kula their relationship is very good, but to the field above, that is not [wonderful book net e-book download paradise-wWw. QiSuu. COm] will show mercy Cute cat side of the first appearance is Foxy, and her opponent, is men's beauty girl king, the strength of both sides are very strong, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic metal welding, the final result of the competition is that king is slightly better, won the victory. After the continuation of Foxy, Kula came on the stage. After the lovely girl entered the fighting state, her long hair turned into ice blue in an instant, which immediately surprised the whole audience. Although I don't know how Kula did it, she looked so awesome. The match with Foxy made king consume a lot of strength. In the face of Kula's strong attack, king finally lost the game. But even so, Kula still spent a lot of effort. In the next few rounds against Sakazaki Yuri, he lost the game because of lack of physical strength. There are still two people in the women's fighter team, while Angel is the only one left in the cute cat team. Now the cute cat team is in a big crisis. One against two? Interesting, the more challenges can make Angel more excited, is not to pick the next two opponents, look at me! Jumping onto the stage, Angel's dress instantly attracted the attention of all the people present. Yes, this cool dress is rare on the field. Angel vs Yuri Sakazaki. Needless to say, Yuri Sakazaki was eliminated. In the final battle, Angel fought against Fire Dance. For the elder sister who doesn't know the fire dance, Angel is very respectful, but here is the main theme of the battle, even if she doesn't know the fire dance, Angel has to go all out! "So dance sister, forgive me for being rude." With that, Angel took the initiative and rushed straight towards the unknown fire dance. "Then please give me a lot of advice." I don't know the fire dance smiled, and the butterfly fan in my hand opened with a crash, and I was also ready to fight. Red Sky! The body after the transformation of the strength of Angel is indeed no small matter, that speed is simply beyond the limit of the human body after the use of nirvana, Angel seems to have become a phantom, the speed is amazing. Big wheel windmill falls! In the face of Angel's attack, I do not know the eyes of the fire dance a squint, the butterfly fan closed at the same time, instantly caught Angel's flaw, is here! There was a flash of white light, and Angel's attack was instantly broken. "Awesome, really worthy of the dance sister" for their own attack Angel is still very confident, but so quickly was broken, but also really let Angel feel surprised. "Angel sister you are the same oh," chuckled, I do not know the fire dance did not have any complacency because of the upper hand, because she also felt that Angel's strength is by no means general, if not careful, I am afraid that even their own will fall on the field. I don't know if the feeling of fire dance is right. A momentary defeat can't make Angel lose heart at all. On the contrary, it can inspire her fighting spirit. How about the blue form if the red sky is not good? Angel is full of energy, but unfortunately, I do not know the strength of the fire dance is not covered, the butterfly fan Yanlong dance, after two consecutive super will kill the bee, the last Phoenix dance as the end, playing Angel did not have the power to fight back, I do not know the fire dance win is also quite beautiful. "Congratulations to your dance sister, the last Phoenix dance is very beautiful." After the return of the fire dance,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Li Yalin immediately opened his mouth to congratulate with a smile, but I have to say that the strength of the fire dance is really strong, even comparable to Maizhuo and Weisi. fycgsonic.com