Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine (Audio)

Bad Medicine
Key: Не знаю
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Length: 3:58 min.
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Genre Hard Rock
Theme No Theme
Artist's Country United States
Additional Info With saxophone
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Your love is like bad medicine
Bad medicine is what I need, whoa
Shake it up just like bad medicine
There ain't no doctor that can cure my disease
Bad medicine

I ain't got a fever, got a permanent disease 
And it'll take more than a doctor 
to prescribe a remedy
I got lots of money but it isn't what I need
Gonna take more than a shot 
to get this poison out of me
And I got all the symptoms count em 1, 2, 3
First you need, then you bleed, 
and when you're on your knees
Now, this boy's addicted 
cause your kiss is the drug, whoa
I don't need no needle to be givin me a thrill 
And I don't need no anesthesia 
or a nurse to bring a pill
I got a dirty down addiction 
that doesn't leave a track
I got a jones for your affection 
like a monkey on my back
There ain't no paramedic 
gonna save this heart attack
When you need, then you bleed, on you knees
This boy's addicted 
cause your kiss is the drug, whoa
I need a respirator cause 
I'm running out of breath
You're an all night generator 
wrapped in stockings and a dress
When you find your medicine 
you take what you can get
Cause if there's something better baby 
well they hav'n't found it yet, whoa
-Chorus- 2 repeat
Bad, bad medicine is what I want
Bad bad medicine, oh baby, ooh babe
I gotta go I gotta I gotta go I gotta medicine
I got I gotta do it again, 
wait a minute wait a minute
Hold on I'm not done 
One more time, with feeling
Come on, all-right, help me out now
-Chorus- 2 repeat
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