Why is it better to build a gaming PC yourself and how to clean it?

Author: Marcia Preston 1/19/2021

When it comes to building or buying a PC, especially gaming one, there really isn't a wrong answer. This is ultimately a matter of preference, budget and your own capabilities. Though building your own PC is cheaper, more cost effective, and allows adding additional customization options before you complete your build. What’s more important, in that case you will surely know which hardware components you’ve installed and will have a warranty on each individual piece of hardware, so you’ll be able to modify your custom-built PC without breaking it when you open the case. And you

Absolute pros of building PC on your own

For PC gamers and enthusiasts, it seems obvious to purchase their own components and build a desktop PC to their exacting specifications. But it’s not obvious for everyone that such an approach has some more advantages than picking the specs and upgrading without breaking the warranty.


pros of building PC on your own and clean your custom PC


This approach allows you to do things your own way. You literally have to choose every component that you will use in your custom build - from the brand and model of RAM to the power supply and even the fans and cables inside. You can opt for higher quality parts which will make upgrading or overclocking easier. Most importantly, you can control the aesthetics by choosing an attractive chassis and matching components, as well as dangerous bells and whistles like RGB LED lighting or the like.

How to clean your custom PC and why do you need an air blower?

The most important advantage of building your own PC rig is that you will be able to clean it from the inside. You won’t have to wait till the end of warranty to clean the dust out of your PC case. And the only thing you need to clean it properly - a good low-powered air compressor. An air blower will literally let you blow all the dust out of your PC. And you can look at some really good and affordable compact air blowers at Mike Nomura’s review on the site iTechCluster to pick one for yourself.


How to clean your custom PC and why do you need an air blower?


The blowers are cheap and also reusable as they are completely mechanical and rechargeable. These tools will also not damage your equipment in any way, but at the same time will be safe for the user. Also, some models can easily fit in your pocket even with a charger, but you need to be careful not to break it when you do. When combined with a set of special attachments, these devices become really useful.


To complete the cleaning procedure, in addition to all of the above, you should get a syringe of thermal paste. This way you can replace it to prevent the equipment from overheating. It is not necessary to do this during every cleaning procedure, but it is important to change the composition when your computer starts to overheat. Also, you should replace the compound every time you remove the cooling fans from your CPU or GPU, because its structure will be broken immediately after you release the pressure.

Various specs of gaming PC builds

Mid-range gaming PC builds should have some mid-range hardware as it seems obvious. To get the most out of this, it's a good idea to build your build around the current generation Ryzen 5 3600, as the motherboard is likely to be compatible with more powerful processors. GPU choices should be somewhere around an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2060 Super GPU, 16GB RAM, and 1TB SSD. In fact, this gaming rig without all the peripherals and display will cost you less than $ 1,000, while a pre-built PC with the same or even lower hardware tier will cost you at least $ 1,100.


specs of gaming PC builds and air compressor to clean PC


To have a top-notch device, you'll need more powerful hardware and about double the price. Let's say you want a really powerful gaming rig - it will be built with at least a Ryzen 7 processor and an RTX 2080 GPU or even an RTX 3080 GPU. Taking market stats and values ​​into account, the latter might be slightly cheaper, albeit more powerful. However, this setup will set you back about $ 1,800 if you build it yourself, or at least $ 2,000 if you buy the cheapest pre-made PC available. 


Keeping all these prices in mind, think about buying yourself a nice 4K display with a high refresh rate of around 120Hze. Of course  you’ll need to buy yourself a good monitor, not a cheap piece of thrash. And don’t forget to get yourself a set of periphery like a mouse, keyboard and so on. Without it, you won’t be able to play. Yet the latter is a matter of your very own personal choice.

Моды для игры Farming Simulator 19 - поиск и скачивание

Author: Анатолий Кустарников 12/20/2018

Несмотря на тот факт, что в игровом проекте FS 19 присутствует гигантское количество новой и зарубежной спецтехники, которая отлично подходит для использования на ферме, игроки частенько пробуют добавить в него другие сельскохозяйственные транспортные средства, скрипты и земли, используя модификации.

Причина в том, что игрокам с течением времени наскучивает стандартный набор машин и карт. Тут-то им и пригодятся farming simulator 19 моды, загрузить которые можно на страничке https://farming-simulator19.ru/mody/. Они способны добавить в ФС 2019 не только новые грузовые машины, пикапы, инвентарь, уборочные машины и тележки, но и разнообразные скрипты, оказывающие влияние на геймплей. К примеру, вы будете способны повысить скорость времени, повысить количество финансов на своем счете или автоматизировать некоторые процедуры.

Большая часть модификаций разрабатывают сами игроки, но некоторые делают разрабы, развивая и увеличивая в результате свой проект. К достоинствам модов для Фарминг Симулятор 19 следует также отнести тот факт, что они дают возможность внедрить в данный проект российскую и советскую спецтехнику. Вам удастся покататься на джипе УАЗ, добыть зерно на комбайне Енисей, транспортировать предметы на тракторе ДТ-75 или полетать на авиатехнике Ми-26.

Отдельно нужно указать на пользовательские локации, дающие возможность пользователям побывать в самых разнообразных уголках мира, начиная с заснеженной России и заканчивая жаркой Аргентиной. Часть из них способны похвастаться красивыми природными пейзажами, а другие обладают широкими посевными землями или густыми лесами. Поэтому если вам начали надоедать дефолтные опции симулятора, то мы крайне советуем вам загрузить моды для Farming Simulator 2019.

Fortnite: Guide to Link Accounts & Cross-play on PC, PS4, Xbox One & Switch

Author: Lucia Mandela 12/19/2018

Cross-play comes on every single platform, also in PS4, permitting everyone to play with each other in “Fortnite: Battle Royal.” Once you download the latest update, cross-play is unlocked. For this, you need to link accounts and add friends. You have to share your account progression for playing with people on other platforms. If you want to play on a computer, then you have to swap to the Nintendo Switch. Now you can play and retain all your account progress across every platform.


For long, Sony denied permitting cross-play with other consoles on their system. However, Nintendo permitted cross-play on the Switch and it is a wonderful development for the slow-paced company. For enabling cross-play and sharing your XP progress and unlocking across multiple platforms, you will require to connecting your accounts through an Epic online account.

Here are the steps to follow for linking your console account:

  1. Log in to your account on the official site of Epic.

When you are logged in, then you require to linking your Epic account with your console ID (PSN ID, Nintendo Switch Online ID, or Xbox Live ID). It is possible that all your console accounts can be linked to a single Epic account.

  • Choose which account is your primary or secondary account.

Your Primary account consists all the account progression and customization that you want to keep whereas Secondary account is one which you don’t care much comparatively.

  • Separately Log in with your different console accounts.

Connect each console account through the login on the official site of Epic.

  • Unlink the Secondary console accounts.

It sounds surprising! But yes, you have to link them first then unlink them.

Visit the “Account pull-down” from your secondary console account, then visit the “Connected Accounts tab.” Unlink console account from the console ID.

  • Link your Secondary console account to your Epic account that is connected with your Primary account.

Visit the “Account pull-down” again then choose “Connect”from the connected accounts tab to link an ID from the console that you just delinked now.

  • That’s it! You can link your console account much more comfortable with the help of the account merger tool.

Now you need to add friends to your primary Epic account after re-linking and de-linking the console accounts.Adding friends to your primary Epic accounts will permit you to play with added friends on any platform. The Epic Launcher can only add friends on computer or handheld devices. When you have added friends, you can enjoy in an in-game lobby. Enjoy it with friends from different platforms, and you will match make with players on your friend’s platform.

When you have linked console accounts and added friends, then you will be able to cross-play and match make with different platforms.

Lucia Mandela is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Has passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at norton.com/setup.

Source: https://my-notron.com/fortnite-guide-to-link-accounts-cross-play-on-pc-ps4-xbox-one-switch/

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