Gossip Girlfriend Dressed as a Movie King [Wearing Books]

Author: Ronin Diallo 11/9/2022

Fu Lang and Yan Dafen declared mercilessly. Apologize, must apologize, and must put the topic of apology on the hot search, otherwise I have your information, refuse to apologize and let the netizens punish you for this group of bugs who only dare to play tricks behind their backs! The fighting capacity of Fu Langyan's fans is the intrepidity that no one knows in the whole network. As soon as the anti-fans heard this, of course, they immediately agreed. The big fan sneered and waited for them to apologize. As a result, half an hour later, The topic of # Apologize to Ran Xia # became a hot search. Fans of Fu Langyan:?? What kind of iron fool is this? Who the *** told you to apologize to that bitch Ran Xia!!! Get me down! Black fans don't know the inside story, but they are still working hard. When they see the heat of the hot search, they think that the righteous iron fist of Fu Langyan's fans is still chasing after them. They are so scared that they roar. Give me a liter! Because the anti-fans are more afraid of being sanctioned, so the hot search is still rising. But it is not only the fans of Fu Langyan, but also the people who are confused about this hot search, as well as Gao Wang. Knowing that Ran Xia was blackened again, Gao Wang was ready to clarify the content, just waiting for the end of the water army, did not expect to be about to move, to see such a topic. Watching netizens admire Ran Xia's photos, he touched his chin. It turns out that Ran Xia is already so popular that she can be on the hot search without brushing. If that's the case — Watching the heat of the topic soaring,juice filling machine, Gao Wang finally made up his mind. He went to his desk and chose one of the two scripts on the table in front of him. This is a new drama produced by the company recently, and he originally intended to give his hands a little flower who has been flat recently but has won steadily. Originally Gao Wang was still thinking about it. Although Ran Xia had a round of fire before because of public opinion, but after all, there is no work around, there is no audience affinity, from the comprehensive strength point of view, there is another female role for Ran Xia. Think of it as helping her lay a solid foundation first,PET blowing machine, and then it's not too late to take on a new play. But now it seems that he underestimated Ran Xia's popularity. Just look at the speed of this hot search on the Internet, as well as the attitude of netizens towards Ran Xia. She can take the lead all by herself. Thinking of this, Gao Wang shook his head. Fu Langyan is indeed Fu Langyan, vision is extraordinary, the quagmire can also dig out such a piece of gold. ———— Ran Xia, who was being talked about by Gao Wang in his heart, was preparing dinner in the kitchen at this time. Just now, Fu Langyan took a big risk and sent the news to her WeChat, which surprised everyone, but after she explained that she was just talking about her work, everyone did not ask anything. People in the entertainment circle are all smart, and no one will deliberately undermine anyone in front of the camera. Not to mention the station of a big shot like Fu Langyan. That is to say. They don't believe it at all. As soon as Ran Xia recalled what had just happened, he scratched his liver and lungs. God damn Wechat, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,water bottling line, why does the message ring?! "Ran Xia cuts onions with a kitchen knife, as if he had a deep hatred for the chopping board." Do-do-do- "" Only the sound of her chopping onions was left in the kitchen camera. Not long after, Fu Langyan came in from outside the door. What are you cutting? Ran Xia shook his hand and used a little more strength. "Click" The wooden chopping board was cut in two by her. Fu Langyan: ".." It was clear that Ran Xia was cutting the chopping board, but inexplicably, there was a sudden chill behind him. The bullet screen laughed crazily. Ha ha ha, what kind of Hercules is Ran Xia? He actually cut off the chopping board. "I laughed all over the floor. Ran Xia is really funny. Every time Fu Langyan came, she looked like a quail. This time she mutated directly." "Fu Langyan is also stunned, ha." But Fu Langyan quickly came to his senses and quickly stepped forward to her side. Are you all right? Ran Xiagan laughed and said, "It's all right. It's the one who has something to do with it." Fu Langyan had already seen her discomfort when she was alone with him and explained, "Yan Xin, they are all tidying up the room. I'll get the rag." "Oh.." Fu Langyan took the rag from the pool, paused, and then said, "I'll come and help you cut the vegetables later." As the words fell, his eyes swept over the chopping board that had been broken in two. Ran Xia:.. OK What else could she say. This little thing doesn't live up to its reputation! After that, Fu Langyan sent the rag away and returned, then washed his hands, put the two chopping boards together, and reluctantly continued to use them. He did not open his mouth, and Ran Xia would not take the initiative to chat up. The atmosphere in the kitchen became silent again. Strangely, Ran Xia did not feel embarrassed any more. When she put the thing into the pot, she looked at Fu Langyan quietly. The other side of the face is cold, focused on the appearance of cutting vegetables is simply handsome in a mess. It is indeed a face that can charm tens of millions of fans even if it takes the strength route. And he is not only handsome, but also has a good personality. On the surface, he looks a little cold, but in fact, he is very careful. Remembering the back of Fu Langyan who handed her the stick and then left when she climbed the mountain in the afternoon, Ran Xia sighed silently. She knew that Fu Langyan must have seen her deliberate avoidance. In normal times, if Fu Langyan had not been so angry, she would have been very happy to make friends with such a person. But before so many bloody storms, she was really afraid of being scolded. As a result, the two were busy in the kitchen during this period of time, basically no communication. From time to time, other guests came in to help, but the kitchen was so big that it was crowded with so many people, so they were all driven out by Ran Xia. The director thought that such a cold scene would make the audience feel bored, but he did not expect that the number of people watching the kitchen scene has been rising. This picture is so warm. "They work really well together." "One cuts vegetables and one cooks, that's life." Director You are really not afraid of being beaten to death by Fu Langyan's fans. When dinner was ready, Ran Xia went to the kitchen door and shouted to the living room, "Come and serve the dishes!" "Here we go!" "Wow!"! It smells so good! "Sister Ran Xia, you are omnipotent!" "It smells so good!" With two guests, Bai Xunyan and Tao Xin,CSD filling line, Ran Xia specially cooked two more dishes today: "There's another one coming out of the pot right away. Wait a minute!" "Good." Hearing the familiar voice, Ran Xia said, ".." 。 gzxilinear.com