Dragon Quest (Part 1)

Author: Warrington Warrington 11/9/2022

Xiang Silong thought for a moment and said, "I want to keep my health, keep up my strength, and wait for the opportunity to go to the Ming Lord." Zhang Liangben is also a superman of mind, immediately understand, Xiang Silong's words for his future not to vote for the king of Chu and Liu Bang laid a good ideological foundation. The village where Zhang Liang lived was originally developed by Zhang Liang in order to escape the pursuit of the King of Qin after the Qin Dynasty destroyed Han, who fled here with more than 500 members of his family. So Zhang Liang is the leader of this village. However, Zhang Liang was very nostalgic for the old country of Korea, because his family had five generations of glory in Korea, but after the Qin Dynasty destroyed Korea, he also drifted to this, so he was thinking about the restoration of the country wholeheartedly, secretly trained a lot of loyal warriors and recruited a lot of knight-errant heroes in Jianghu, frustrated people and so on. It was also because he carried a large number of gold and jewelry left by his father when he fled that he laid a good economic foundation for today. Now it seems that the time is almost ripe, his years of accumulated efforts have not been in vain, while the world is in turmoil, it is time for him to implement his plan to restore the country and show his ambition. Zhang Liang looked out of the window at the hot July sun, with a deep light in his eyes. That day,touch screen whiteboard, Xiang Silong had breakfast and strolled with Zhang Biying to a huge martial arts training ground that could accommodate five or six hundred people. Hundreds of people were practicing swordsmanship in several groups. Riding and archery, some people put on new armor, let people use all kinds of weapons to attack, test its solid degree, and make a sound. But the most lively is the archery range, nearly a hundred warriors in the side to watch, from time to time burst out bursts of applause. Han Zicheng is practicing archery on the field. Xiang Silong's facial expression became unnatural. Just as he was about to turn around and leave,65 inch smart board, Han Zicheng saw him and shouted, "Brother Xiang has the pleasure to come to the martial arts training ground. Why don't you come down and perform Brother Xiang's magic skill of archery so that we can see Brother Xiang's charm?" All the warriors chimed in. Xiang Silong knew nothing about archery, and when he heard Han Zicheng say so, he had to bite the bullet and go forward. In his heart, he scolded Han Zicheng's eighteen generations of ancestors. He put on a smile and said, "Brother Han, please try it first." Han Zicheng showed a sneer at the corners of his arrogant mouth. When his eyes flashed past Zhang Biying, his eyes were full of resentment towards Xiang Silong. He laughed and said, "Then Han made a fool of himself." One of them sat on a horse and put the arrow on a particularly huge strong bow, holding the other two arrows in his hand. The bowstring suddenly rang three times. Three powerful arrows, one after the other, shot out like a meteor. The first one hit the red heart of the target two hundred paces away, and then two of them broke through the air. One arrow was inserted into the tail of the first arrow and connected into a string. The audience watched with rapture and applause. Xiang Silong also looked dumbfounded, touch screen board classroom ,classroom interactive whiteboard, so divine its archery, not personally see, how also refuse to believe. What should I do now? Than archery itself is bound to be defeated. Alas, if only I had a gun, I would not lose face with my marksmanship of hitting flying objects in the air. Just when Xiang Silong was at his wits' end and looked embarrassed, he saw Zhang Biying with two gold hairpins in her black hair. He suddenly had an idea. He went to her and said mysteriously, "Sister Ying, can I borrow your hairpin?" Zhang Biying was stunned and did not know why, but she still took down the gold hairpin and gave it to him. Xiang Silong burst out laughing and threw two gold hairpins at the target two hundred paces away like lightning. They didn't expect that he was throwing hairpins instead of shooting arrows. When they were surprised, the two gold hairpins were nailed side by side on the target of Han Zicheng's shooting. Even Xiang Silong didn't expect such a result. Although he had practiced knife throwing in the special forces, it was the first time that he had been so miraculous as he was now. In fact, he was quick-witted just now and used this gold hairpin to replace the knife throwing. Unexpectedly, he succeeded. Just to see that he can achieve such a magical skill at a distance of two hundred paces, we can see that he not only has amazing hand strength, but also has a unique technique, otherwise he can't do it. Han Zicheng's face at this time can not help showing the color of horror, the crowd is also cheering like thunder. Suddenly Xiang Silong heard a few crisp applause behind him, turned around and saw that it was Zhang Liang and Cang Haijun, Feng Jin and Zhang Fang, who rushed forward to salute. Zhang Liang stepped forward to help him up and exclaimed, "Silong's hairpin is unprecedented.". Ha-ha After a burst of laughter, he turned to Han Zicheng and said, "Brother Han, now you should know what Silong is capable of." This only made Han Zicheng's face, which had been ashamed and annoyed, even more resentful of Xiang Silong. Silong, I want you to go to the market with Zhang Fang and Han Zicheng to buy a batch of horses in two days. That day Zhang Liang called Xiang Silong to his inner room and said in a deep voice. Xiang Silong understood and knew that Zhang Liang could not hold back and was ready to launch an anti-Qin plan. But he paused and said, "Now the situation outside is chaotic. Horses are urgently needed in the war. I think this is a bit difficult to handle." Zhang Liang seemed to know that Xiang Silong would say this. He immediately nodded and said, "You're right, but I've already thought about this problem.". It is said that there is a horse-raising Dong Ma Chi in Xishui County. His family has been raising horses for generations. His ancestors raised horses for Zhao when the Seven Kingdoms were powerful. Now, although he lives in seclusion in Xishui County, he still drives one of the few horse-raising pastures in Qin today. However, because Qin Shihuang killed his grandfather Dong Fei in those years, he holds a grudge in his heart. The horses he raised were never used by the King of Qin in battle. So he must have a lot of horses to buy there. When Xiang Silong heard this, Daming said with a smile, "Then we'll go to buy Dong Ma Chi's horse right away." The next day, Xiang Silong, Zhang Fang and Han Zicheng led a group of Zhang family members to prepare for the water. Zeng Fan, Zeng Ying and Zhang Biying are also among them. Zhang Liang sent them all the way to Taniguchi and said in all earnestness, "I wish you all a pleasant journey and immediate success!" Then he rode back to the valley with all his followers. Zhang Fang then said to Xiang Silong, "Shaoxia Xiang,touch screen interactive whiteboard, what are our plans for this trip?" Without answering, Xiang Silong suddenly asked, "How long will it take us to get to Daze Township?" 。 hsdsmartboard.com