Essay about IBM. is that hard?

Author: Diane Smart 2/19/2021

International Business Machines IBM is a multinational technology and consulting firm situated in Armonk, New York. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware, software, infrastructure, hosting, and consulting services. IBM case studies discuss the company’s history, operations, organizational structure, products, services, and marketing strategies.

IBM case studies should begin with a brief history of the company that was founded in 1911, originally named Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation. Next, IBM case studies should discuss the values of IBM that guides them in their operations and business procedures. IBM values dedication to every client’s success, innovation, and trust and personal responsibility in all relationships. IBM case studies should also include and discuss the subsidiaries of IBM, including ADSTAR, FilNet, ILOG, Informix, Rational, Sequent Computer Systems, SPSS, Lotus, Telelogic, Tivoli Software and Iris Associates. In addition, IBM case studies should examine the existing and new business plans of IBM. IBM case studies should also examine the leadership style of various leaders and the CEOs of IBM from Thomas J. Watson Sr. in 1914 up to its current CEO Samuel J. Palmisano. Lastly, IBM case studies should mention the environmental record of IBM, since the company is known for environmental leadership in all of its business activities, from its operations to product designs and use of technology.

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