Dissertation Table of Contents: A Mini Guide to your Project

Author: David Monk 2/5/2021

We are sure that in the course of writing your dissertation, you have realized that all parts of this big project play an important role and should be taken seriously. This also refers to the dissertation’s table of contents.

You may think “Oh, common! Why is this list of dissertation chapters significant? What role can it play?” If you think so, you definitely do not get the gist of the dissertation’s table of contents.

First, it is not just a list. Second, a table of contents in a dissertation includes not only chapters. Maybe, you will be surprised to find out that the table of contents in a dissertation serves as a mini guide to a project.

Imagine, someone wants to read your dissertation, but lacks time. He/she will then look through your dissertation’s table of contents and decide what specific parts he/she wants to read. Without this mini guide, the reader may simply put your project aside until he/she has enough time for reading it.

So, it seems we have provided enough reasons for you to realize the significance of a table of contents in a dissertation. Now, let us explain you some basic rules of organizing it. Basic rules of the college essay writing help service:

  • Rule 1

The table of contents in any dissertation is not the very first section. Before that, you need to prepare the following: a title page, a copyright page, an abstract, acknowledgements, and only then the dissertation’s table of contents.

  • Rule 2

It is important that you know what exactly your dissertation’s table of contents includes. Make sure you include the following:

  1. chapters, sections, and subsections;
  2. bibliography;
  3. list of references;
  4. list of abbreviations;
  5. any appendices you have.
  • Rule 3

The dissertation’s table of contents should be prepared when the rest of your project is finished.

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