Dogs Should Eat Healthy Too!

Author: Jackson britt 2/3/2021

It is a popular saying that we are what we eat. What we don’t remember is that this applies to everyone, including our pets. This is the reason some dog owners only worry about making food available for their dogs, paying little or no attention to the kind of food it is. And if the dog’s health begins to deteriorate, we go far and wide in search of the problem and possible solutions, while forgetting the first step to healthy living.

The same way we humans eat healthily and try to limit our intake of junk food, we should watch our dogs and provide them with fresh, natural food. There are nutritional requirements at vitalitymagazine that should be met for our dogs to look healthy. Most of these requirements are not met when they are fed dry, processed food. It leaves them obese or malnourished, and prone to diseases.

Here are some healthy natural foods for dogs:

Raw muscle meat, organ meats, and bones

The canine teeth in dogs are designed to rip and chew raw meat and bones. When meat is cooked, its chemical composition is altered in a way that is favorable to humans, but not to dogs. Seeing as they come from a line of flesh-eating predators, raw meat and bones bring them great nourishment.

However, the possibility of consuming raw meat that is contaminated with bacteria, and going on to transmit it to humans should not be neglected. Safety precautions should be adopted, like washing the plates properly, not leaving raw meat defrosted for up to three days, and visiting the vet as often as is required.

Vegetables and fruits

We know how important vegetables and fruits are in aiding digestion and providing nutritional vitamins necessary for our organs. They are just as important in dogs too. Provided those vegetables and fruits are digestible, they would help improve the health of your dogs.

Dogs may have problems chewing and grinding vegetables, enough to be properly digested and absorbed. Therefore, it is advised to process or juice the vegetables for them.


There are general supplements to provide the required nutrients in your dogs, like fish oils. The veterinarian can also prescribe additional supplements to cover your dog’s specific needs, like joint and hips supplements containing glucosamine.

Working out a balanced diet that contains these elements in the right proportion is a great way to ensure a long and healthy stay with your dogs. It saves you the stress of looking for solutions to health problems by preventing those problems.

Turn to natural food for improving skin and coat, and the overall health of your dogs. It is not just for humans to eat healthily. Your dogs would benefit from healthy food too.