7 Different Ways to Get Your Mind Focused on Work

Author: shaheryar sadiq 1/19/2021

Did I turn off the geyser? Did I call the Salon to cancel tomorrow’s appointment? What is this music playing in the background? I liked that dress Elizabeth was wearing in her new Insta post. What shall I make for dinner today?

These are some of the thoughts that run through my head at any given moment. Needless to say, the focus is not my strong suit. Unfortunately, an unfocused mind is not the best thing to have while at work. With my divided attention, I often end up sending the wrong email to the wrong person, skipping obvious mistakes in my work, and more.

While carelessness can be excused once or twice, No one is going to overlook it multiple times. Losing focus at work not only destroys your valuable time, but it also causes your efforts to go in vain because a small mistake destroys all the hard work.

Therefore, I vowed to myself to sharpen my mind on focus only on work while at work. I found some useful tips during my search, and in this post, I am going to share all my tips and tricks with you.

If you find it hard to focus while you are at work, here are the seven different ways to get your mind focused:

1.Enjoy Your Work

Start enjoying your work if you want to stay focused and productive. Any task, whether big or small, is important, especially when we talk about official assignments. It needs your full attention. However, if we don’t find the work interesting, we are more likely to make mistakes.

Therefore, try to make your work more exciting by doing it creatively. Think out of the box and consider ways you can make it more exciting.  Do not stick to a script, and always look for ways that can challenge you over and over. This strategy will not let your mind wander all the time and would develop your interest in what you are doing.

2.Select the Best Work Furniture

Pain is bound to distract you. If you have an uncomfortable chair or a rickety desk, you are definitely going to focus more on your discomfort than the work. Therefore, your furniture should be comfortable enough to let your work even for longer hours. Sitting on a seat all day long is not easy and makes us lose focus, TBH. While most people do not think the right selection of a table or chair is important for focus retention and productivity, it is true.

I believe that the design and comfort of your table or chair can make your official assignments easy for you, or they can make you hate your work. Do you know that an uncomfortable seat can lead to back pain? A set of ergonomic chairs or tables for your work can make you more productive.

3.Organize Your Work Station

The cleanliness and organization of your work station are important if you are doing something important. If you have cluttered so much around on your study or work table, you can end up losing your focus. Imagine if you move even an inch from the screen of your PC or Laptop, you get distracted because of the clutter of things on your desk.

Hence, work to keep a tidy desk. Remove unnecessary items from your work station. Keep them on shelves or drawers, where you cannot see them all the time. Also, move your workstation to an isolated room, where there is zero distraction.

Additionally, eating and drinking while working is highly discouraged. Do personal things, lunch, and prayer times when on break. Do not take breaks of more than 20 to 30 minutes as the longer the break, the more unproductive you get.

4.Avoid Cluttering your Desktop

This is for those who work on a PC or laptop. The computer desktop screen can cause distraction.  While using the laptop and focusing on something important, the digital clutter and unsorted files or folders can distract your attention.

Office going people and university students can relate to this. Allocate 30 minutes a week to clean the junk from your screen. Categories the files depending on your needs and requirements. The best way is to keep your screen streamlined.

5.Divide Tasks

A recent study shows that the first hour of work is more productive for most employees and that their productivity level goes down with each passing hour. The first hour is productive because a worker is mentally fresh and motivated to get stuff done.

Start your work with the most difficult tasks in the beginning. Give the first hour to the difficult ones, when you are more productive. Then come to the tasks which are less difficult or even-less time-consuming. This way would not only keep you focused on your work but also save you time.

6.Set Your Status to “Busy”

When you enter the office, or when you sit for a difficult task, set your phone to DND mode or set your WhatsApp status to Busy. You are not legally or ethically bound to answer every call or message instantly. To be more focused and more productive, you should stop all the digital noise coming to you in one way or another. You can also select the option of Voice Mail and answer all personal calls after work.

7.Stop the Use of Social Media Accounts

Social Media Notifications are the worst digital noise. Remember, the notifications on your Social Media Accounts are not more important than your official work or studies. However, if you are a Social Media marketer or a Social Media star( TikTok start or Vlogger), you can stay in touch to keep a check on the activities.

But in the culture of any organization, ethically, you are not supposed to use Social Media platforms during office hours.  Discipline yourself to stay focused. If you have free time, then there is no harm in it.

Key Takeaway – An Organized Mind Is a Focused Mind

You can retain your focus on work and stay more productive only if you discipline yourself and ignore the hundreds of distractions all around you. To avoid these distractions, practice the following:

  • Get ergonomic office furniture,
  • Keep your work desk and your laptop’s desktop clean and organized,
  • Don’t use social media hen at work,
  • Take small breaks,
  • Prioritize your tasks on the basis of importance and urgency,
  • And most of all, enjoy your work!


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