In Animal Crossing New Horizons fall replace Nintendo responded to players

Author: wu bin 12/30/2020

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons' fall replace, Nintendo responded to Nook Miles Ticket for Sale players who've been the use of hacked items. Things just like the fence used on Harv's Island and timber that grew star fragments were unceremoniously removed from player islands and are seemingly not possible, at least using modern-day strategies.

Though the autumn update delivered heaps of latest Halloween-themed content to the game just in time for the season, many New Horizons players are disillusioned at Nintendo for patching out the hacked gadgets.  Let's take a look at what makes some of these objects so valuable, why Nintendo might also have made the decision to purge them from player islands and if those objects could ever see official implementation into the sport.

One of the most sought-after hacked objects is the fence used on Harv's Island. It's a wooden fence with a "campground" experience to it, which suits the cultured of Photopia. Hackers were capable of reap it by way of altering an item's code to trick the sport into thinking it is clearly this fence. Some even visited other humans's islands and left stacks of the fence as items for other gamers. Much like sure villagers, there were also humans selling the fences at the Animal Crossing's black marketplace.


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