How to make use of LED backlight module? This passage

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1. DC12V 3dot 2835 contact lens module, ABS plastic handle IP68 waterproof, 30piece cooper conductor, strong Conductivity,
 2. mild beam angle 170Degree, 9v 2835 huge brightness leds used, ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY Lumen brightness.
3. cool white and other colors, 78mm*12mm*4mm size, worthy of big light box.
5. 3M back tape label, 1. 5watt power.
3dot 2835 Seriously Bright Lens Led Module Applied for Lighting Decoration



1)select and use TOP quanlity 2835led chips source, without spot, very low light decay, good reliability for backlight module

2)Products having low power consumption, substantial brightness, long life, large power 1. 5w, maintenance-free

3)The shell is made of injection molding technology, attractive appearance, good cooling result

4)IP68 waterproof rating upwards above, this is gain specification.

5)Low voltage source, safe and reliable(DC12V)

6)Cold white/red/blue/green/yellow solitary color

7)Module 20 units as being a string, LED string and hybrid circuit having a single module can always be cuted
 Which led chips are utilized in this type module?

A NEW: 60Lumen 0. 5W SMD 2835 used for this type


Q: What length from the cable for this type module?

A: normally 14cm length between two modules, but you can easlily make any length seeing that clients request.


Q: The number of quantities module in just one string?

A: 20Pcs & 60 pcs in normally. can easily make the quantity since clients request, but most important quantity is 50 computers.


Q: How long can i get the sample?

SOME SORT OF: need 3-5days to send sample.


Q: Do you have MOQ limit for arrangement?

A: Not limit the MOQ. just depend about clients demand.
In order to fulfill customer's request, we assistance small quantity sample. not limit MOQ, and custome your own product special requirements. We now have long time for top quality warranty. And aftersale staff.
If you have possibly not used the LED module, you then have missed some good things. Initially, it was suitable for signs and channel letters, but today they are widely used in many other indoor and outdoor lighting job applications. LED modules are functional, because each module is actually connected by leads, so it's easy to cut and connect in almost any project. How to make use of LED backlight module?


This passage could talk about the adhering to questions of using LED backlight module:

(1)What is LED backlight mold?

(2)The intent being the LED backlight module

(3)Various CONTRIBUTED backlight modules


(1)What is definitely LED backlight mold?
Lightly introduce the LED module as well as its use.

LED can handle an incredibly simple phenomenon by applying a voltage to your semiconductor material to lead to electrons to escape from your material. In return, light energy is emitted comprising particles called photons. LED may be a method of converting utility energy into light.

Therefore, from the start from the LED lighting process, the module can be a device containing multiple BROUGHT ABOUT bulbs, which are linked with a luminaire through a juice supply, which powers all of the bulbs. The diode with the module is a charged semiconductor material-based about the material used-it has the actual potential to emit a number colors. Most LED modules tend to be mainly called RGB LED modules general health can emit different shades. Therefore, they are largely used for advertising functions.



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Plywood hot press has become the main equipment of that

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Plywood hot press has become the main equipment of that production process, which is employed for hot pressing in addition to sticking boards after gluing along with forming, different kinds of plywood have different conditions for machine performance.
This machine can even be used for producing plywood, blockboard, timber veneer and melamine papers lamination on plywood, blockboard plus film faced plywood.
Looking for top heat press machine? You’ve arrived at the right place. Our detailed guide in addition to heat press reviews just might help you make the best determination.
Developing stunning imprints was when a highly expensive and difficult process. Those days are gone, and now it has never been more straightforward while using wonder of modern-day heat press machines. What was once a niche market is now one of many fastest-growing businesses on world.
There are thousands of businesses utilizing a heat press as the core with their marketplace. Additionally, countless families are purchasing them for home use also. Whether you are a budding enterprise in search of the next big shift, or a family on the hunt for a fantastic machine for creating lasting memories, the heat press is an excellent option.
We have researched a plethora of heat press machines, and have discovered that there is quite a bit separating good heat clicks from great heat clicks. In the end, we've found arrived at a good number of reliable options for a person's heat transfer needs. Here they're just:
What We Enjoyed
 A number of the fastest heating in the action at ten to 20 minutes
 The Teflon coated heat plates prevent resources from being damaged
 A colossal range of temperature solutions (up to 500 degrees F) that has a digital display for ease of use
 A robust timer is often set for anything out of zero to 999 a few moments
 Aluminum heat place presents a far evener heat distribution
 What Could Use Improvement
 Has a shrill beep that will denote completion, which turn into annoying with repetition
 For that heavy-duty use, we were hoping for the more extensive set connected with plates, or the capability to switch out.

Hot Press Machine


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outdoor playground equipment

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We are a professional manufacturer within outdoor playground equipment, indoor playground equipment and outdoor home exercise equipment. We are one belonging to the pioneer companies awarded the newest NSCC certificate and the very first small play equipment production certified company. Wande Group is a first company among the industry that they are approved by the Languages like german TUV Rhine company GS qualification and ASTMF1487 certification typical.
Outdoor Playground Equipment
 Outdoor playground equipment designed the elements of lovely puppets and animals which can be easily accepted by youngsters as friends. The overall design is filled with magic power just such as fairy tales, which attracts children to enter that magic world and inspires their curiosity. Our out-of-doors play equipment includes rising rope net, outer living space playground, climbing wall playset, and so on.
The mysterious and adventurous sea includes a natural appeal for kids, And rooted in years as a child fantasies, fantasizing the rudder of an pirate ship looking for the mysterious sea. Adopting the favorite " pirate ship " elements as the design theme, simulate space of the pirate shit. There are actually observation decks and sails. The shapes are vivid as well as realistic, as if they're really in the ocean. Create a unique participate in space. Children can adventure on pirate ships and explore new worlds by themselves boats, the design belonging to the overall wooden structure is ingenious and very naturally integrated in the surrounding environment. Added fun and richness to the play environment。
 With regard to Quality assurance and also after-sales service, according for you to our company's policy, all equipments warrant for starters year. During the 12 months, owing to natural damage, which appear in the using process and is particularly not maliciously man-made exploitation. our company will supply the corresponding components free of charge;

Beyond one year, pertaining to replaced parts, components must charge at cost. The many fees of freight are developing buyer's account.

outdoor playground equipment


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allowing you to ignore scoops of beans along

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Sainty Group is usually a large state –owned enterprise in China having a own brands of SAINTY, Lighthouse and also HomRe.
A good kitchen scale just can be your secret weapon regarding consistent cookies, perfectly grown bread, or a high souffle. It gets your baking to a science, offering precision that rivals the top measuring cups and spoons. After a lot of research and testing, we’re confident that sainty-home will be best. It’s among the fastest and most accurate scales we subjected to testing, and it remains centric on for longer than most others before immediately shutting off.
One belonging to the most accurate scales we’ve examined, the sainty-home reads immediately in increments of 1 gram or 0. 05 ounces, has a capacity of up to 11 pounds (or A FEW kilograms), and will remain on for about three minutes before automatically turning off. The interface is very simple with just a pair of buttons—one to switch models of measurements, one to help tare and power about or off. The sainty-home continues to be our favorite scale seeing that 2017, and we’re proud of how it has organized over time. A good kitchen scale is definitely an absolute must-have for each kitchen. Although nothing can replace skilled intuition—add a rush of this and several that, cook until golden dark brown and delicious—there are times should the precision a scale can provide is vital. Many baking recipes involve cups and fluid ounces, but no matter precisely how experienced a baker you might be, the cup of flour you weigh today won't be the same cup associated with flour you weigh tomorrow. This is because several dry ingredients, such as flour, cornstarch, and darkish sugar, can easily be compressed or aerated depending on the whims of that measurer, how the goods are actually stored, and possibly a ton of black magic. Scales aren't just for all you would-be pastry wizards in existence, either. They're a necessary tool for virtually any serious cook as well, especially for determining ratios or servings. If that suits you your mirepoix to always be two parts onion to 1 part celery and carrot, an easy check on the scale can show you. More advanced recipes—such while those for charcuterie, in which perfect dimension of fat to meat to salt are everything—demand the employment of a scale. Even within your day-to-day life, brewing coffee is done much easier with some sort of scale, allowing you to ignore scoops of beans along with cups of water and just measure all of it in grams.


There are two pillar industries which might be planting

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Coconut could be the symbol of Hainan, and also coconut milk has popularity of plant milk. Nicepal Coconut Natural powder is selected from Hainan new coconut, made by the world's innovative spray-drying technology and canning, which keeps its food intake and aroma of fresh new coconut well. Instantly dissolved, simple to use.
Coconut is the token of Hainan, and coconut take advantage of has reputation of plant milk. Nicepal Coconut Powder is selected from Hainan fresh new coconut, made by the world's sophisticated spray-drying technology and digesting, which keeps its food intake and aroma of fresh new coconut well. Instantly dissolved, convenient to use.


Keep fresh nutrients and pure coconut taste, quality assurance, color organic, good solubility, no preservatives, simply no essence or synthetic pigment.
Hainan Nicepal Market Co.,Ltd. was launched in 1999. After over 20 years of progress, it has become a modern enterprise integrating agriculture, community and trade, diversified products and solutions and strong financial strength. We have got ISO9001 Top quality Management System Certificate, ISO22000 Meals Safety Management System Qualification and BRC global Standard for food safety Certification. There are two pillar industries which might be planting industry and the ultra-modern agricultural product processing business.
Nicepal has a controllable fruit base of above 600 hm2, thus making sure the source, quality, security and traceability of diet materials.
Relying on Hainan Island's rich tropical fruit resources, the corporation uses modern biotechnology along with advanced spray drying technological innovation to independently develop in addition to produce “NICEPAL”tropical fruit as well as vegetable powder. This compilation of products fill the domestic blank and now have won many national technologies patents, becoming the leading innovative products in the united kingdom. The rapid freezing technology can be used to produce various "Nicepal" quick-frozen fruit puree series products, which usually achieve the maximization with freshness and nutrients; At the same time, Nicepal fruit and veggie powder was used while raw material to create the "Green Current" number of tablet candy products displayed by lime candy, which created progressive brand of tablet sultry fruits. In 2016, your "Nicepal" and "Green Current" type series products won well-known brand products and famous trademarks of Hainan Domain.

coconut powder