Carborundum - the first man-made mineral in the world

Author: Carrie Ge 8/11/2020

Carborundum is actually the first man-made mineral in the world. In the mid-1880s, Edward g. Acheson, an inventor / scientist who had been Thomas Edison's assistant manager of European interests, set up his own experimental laboratory in Monongahela, Pennsylvania. He had a crazy idea that he could make synthetic diamonds by dissolving carbon into corundum (NATURAL alumina) with the high heat generated by an electric furnace. Of course, his experiment failed to produce diamonds, but in fact the substance he produced was second only to diamond in hardness and abrasion resistance. He named the product "Emery" because it came from a compound of carbon and corundum. A few years later, chemical analysis confirmed that the substance was actually silicon carbide.


Acheson and a group of investors from Pennsylvania founded the emery company in Monongahela in 1891 (he liked the sound of the name). They produced a range of silicon carbide abrasives. In 1893, Acheson wanted to move to Niagara Falls and use cheap hydroelectric equipment. Andrew Mellon funded the move, and in return, the Mellon family owns 20% of the company in the next century. The plant of Niagara Falls emery company opened in 1895 with a new 1000 HP furnace (746 kW). This new production capacity is supported by a huge demand for the following products and drives the production of abrasive materials for fine grinding and machining parts required by American industry.


The emery company is expanding. In 1899, Acheson opened his first international company across Niagara Falls. Canada's slogan "illegitimi is not emery" - often translated as "don't let assholes crush you down," made emery a household name during World War II. Emery is also a source of graphite lubricants. Acheson found that when "silicon carbide" (SIC) overheats to 7500 degrees Fahrenheit, silicon dioxide evaporates and leaves behind artificial graphite.


The samples collected were manufactured in the blast furnace of the mill. The smallest fragments are small iridescent crystal structures, which are then crushed to produce graded gravel. It may be rare to find an old specimen that has been allowed to completely produce some amazing crystal plates with detailed geometric patterns on the surface of the plates. These are the collector's most precious specimens. These types of specimens are most common from the 1940s to the early 1950s. Welcome to order carborundum from china abrasive manufacturer.

How does bamboo charcoal air purifier work? Why is it so important?

Author: Carrie Ge 8/11/2020

Why bamboo?

The reason why science and environment are friendly is that they can effectively isolate carbon from the atmosphere. In fact, according to Guinness, the fastest growing plant on earth is bamboo. It's about 35 inches in 24 hours. Not all bamboo is the same now, most bamboo will grow to full size in less than five years. Wood based activated carbon.But compared with the hardwood used to produce other charcoal products, it can take decades to mature. Obviously, you can't beat bamboo in making activated carbon / carbon. Now there's another very sustainable option that's coming That's coconut shell. They are a by-product of harvesting coconuts as food. But if the ultimate goal is to produce a lot of carbon, it won't match bamboo per acre.


What is activated carbon?

Activated carbon or activated carbon is a processing product made of a variety of organic materials. Any organic material with a large amount of carbon can be converted into activated carbon, usually through the same process of making charcoal. However, the high density micropores of activated carbon distinguish it from other forms of charcoal. Each hole increases the surface area. Products with pore sets found in activated carbon can accumulate large amounts of potential filtration into relatively small spaces. To improve efficiency, many activated carbon filters come with other chemicals that attract a wider range of particles.


What is the difference between activated carbon and other filters?

Activated carbon can capture particles that other filters cannot capture through the adsorption process. When these other materials come into contact with activated carbon, they trigger a chemical reaction, causing most particles to adhere to the surface area of the carbon. Compared with the basic carbon filter, the extra surface area of activated carbon enables it to play a higher capacity in a longer time. It's amazing how much odor is absorbed by a fairly small amount of material.


Activated carbon is used in everything from sewage treatment to gas masks. It even has a history of treating poison. You can think of this material as a super sponge. Of course, activated carbon has the ability to filter gas, so it becomes an effective air purifier filter. Granular activated carbon.Gases usually carry the most severe indoor odor. Although HEPA filters only generate pressure on particles, activated carbon filters can remove odors and potentially harmful fumes. High quality activated carbon filter can also extend the service life of air purifier, which is a major investment worthy of protection.


What to look for in activated carbon filter

Most carbon filters are small. But that doesn't mean they're inefficient. Since activated carbon is a more powerful material than most air purifier filters contain, they require only a small amount of space to function. The best filter contains a large amount of activated carbon in small particles, which can maximize the potential of the filter. The content is much more important than the actual size of the filter. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to know how much carbon is in the filter, or how finely it is handled. The best clue to the status of activated carbon comes from previous users.



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Do you know how to choose the best activated carbon purifier for your project?

Author: Carrie Ge 8/11/2020

Activated carbon and activated carbon air purifier

Activated carbon air purifiers and activated carbon air purifiers remove various types of odor causing particles, such as pet odor and tobacco smoke, from the air by reacting with them and adhering them to the filter surface. The filters on this type of indoor air purifier must be replaced regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions to keep the room free of odor. Although activated carbon and activated carbon purifiers are well resistant to odors, some models are not effective in removing bacteria, viruses, molds and molds from indoor air.

Ultraviolet air purifier

Ultraviolet (UV) air purifiers use UV-C light (a form of ultraviolet) light to kill many harmful and irritating microorganisms in the air, such as molds, bacteria and viruses. UV-C technology is often used to kill bacteria in various applications in medical institutions. Some UV air cleaner models are installed in the central air duct of the home. Others use both UV technology and activated carbon or HEPA filtration to improve performance, because UV-C light alone may not be as successful in removing odors as some other air purification technologies do. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, you sometimes need to clean and replace the bulb on the UV purifier to maintain the effectiveness of the device.

Electrostatic air purifier

As the name suggests, electrostatic air purifier uses static electricity to make the irritants and other odor causing particles in the air adhere to the removable collecting plate. The advantage of this purifier is that there is no need for a filter, although some models do have optional, replaceable prefilters. This model does require maintenance: the surface of the collecting plate must be wiped regularly, as described by the manufacturer. Some electrostatic air cleaners are not as effective against microorganisms as other types of purifiers.

Ion air purifier

There are two basic types of ion air purifiers: the model without filter and the model requiring filter. Filterless air purifiers use electricity to produce negatively charged ions that cause irritants to stick together and become too heavy to float in the air. Some filterless models may not use fans, so they operate without noise. They are called other ion cleaners because they use traditional filtration systems, which are enhanced by ion agglutination. Some ion cleaners may not be able to remove bacteria and viruses from the air like other types of air purifiers. We are coconut shell activated carbon manufacturer, if you need activated carbon from coconut shell, please contact us.


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Рейтинг букмекерских контор в 2020 году

Author: Олег Смирнов 8/10/2020

Букмекерские конторы - обзоры букмекеров, оценка честности, анализ отзывов игроков, скорость выплат. Поиск лучшей линии и самых высоких коэффициентов. Мобильные приложения для ставок на спорт с телефон, бонусы и промокоды от букмекерских компаний -


Отзывы игроков в России

Наиболее справедливый критерий выбора и составления рейтинга – это отзывы игроков. Рядовым гэмблерам совершенно нет смысла обманывать своих «коллег по заработку», и они всегда пишут комментарии, опираясь на опыт.

Сразу отметим, что изучать отзывы стоит на независимых ресурсах. В идеале – отыскать тематический форум, посвященный ставкам на спорт. Также можно черпать информацию из группы в социальных сетях и тематических сайтов. Однозначно не стоит верить тем отзывам, которые публикуются на сайте букмекера. Обычно подобные комментарии модерируются.

Поскольку в сети часто встречаются недостоверные отзывы, проплаченные нечестными букмекерскими конторами, следует брать в расчет только правдивые комментарии. Их можно отличить по стилю написания. Он должен быть живым, без излишнего расхваливания компании. Желательно наличие визуальных доказательств: скриншотов, фотографий.

Надежность и уровень выплат

Надежность – универсальный критерий выбора БК в России, независимо от того, хотите вы сделать пару ставок на любимую команду или всерьез рассчитываете подзаработать. Ставки вы в любом случае будете делать не на какие-то виртуальные фантики, а на свои кровные деньги. И если вы доверитесь непроверенной букмекерской конторе, вы прогорите вне зависимости от того, как хорошо разбираетесь в спорте.

Один из факторов – возраст БК. Однако с введением обязательного лицензирования этот фактор стал неочевидным: все компании, имеющие лицензию на работу в России, зарегистрированы после 2010 года.

Чтобы выбрать лучшую букмекерскую контору для ставок на спорт, стоит ознакомиться с отзывами игроков и оценкой на профильном сайте. Далее оценить репутацию. Если контора имеет официальную лицензию, это уже говорит о ее надежности: для получения разрешения требуется соблюсти ряд условий. Такая компания точно не закроется, приняв несколько крупных ставок.

Уровень коэффициентов

С коэффициентами все предельно просто – чем они выше, тем лучше. Желательно чтобы в БК не практиковалось урезание коэффициентов профитным игрокам.


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Sexpuppe Make-up Charme

Author: kobedoll kobe 8/9/2020

In den letzten drei Jahrzehnten haben sich Sexpuppe zu einer Branche entwickelt, die sich von der Herstellung billiger Gummi-, Kunststoff- oder Vinyl-Neuheiten zu einer globalen Industrie im Wert von 30 Milliarden US-Dollar und der Herstellung hochwertiger Produkte aus TPE und Silikon entwickelt hat . Technologie, realistisch aussehende Sexpuppen, von denen einige mit künstlicher Intelligenz ausgestattet sind.

Realistische Sexpuppe

Lucy, CEO von omysexydoll, sagte: "Alle Puppenbesitzer müssen sich irgendwann versöhnen, egal wo sie die Puppe kaufen." Seine Sexpuppen-Accessoires reichen von anpassbarer Kleidung und sexy Dessous bis hin zu Tattoo-Abziehbildern. Piercing und Kosmetik sind alle verfügbar. Angesichts der Tatsache, dass das Make-up der Puppe mit der Zeit verschwindet und übermäßig verwendet wird, ist es wichtig, in Notsituationen eine breite Palette an Make-up wie Omysexydoll zu haben.

Was ist das Besondere an diesen Produkten? Nun, da ist eigentlich nichts. Dies ist nur eine Verpackung. Diese Unternehmen verkaufen nur gewöhnliche alte Kosmetika und halten laut Lucy TPE und Silikon sehr gut. Also, was ist das Problem? Nun, für viele lebensechte sexpuppe besitzer ist es schwierig, das Konzept von Kontur und Make-up nicht vollständig zu verstehen und zu wissen, welche Farbe gut funktioniert, welche Farbe nicht gut ist, welches Produkt am haltbarsten oder am modischsten ist. Obwohl einige Follower zugeben, dass sie Make-up-Fähigkeiten erlernen, indem sie Frauen, Freunde, Mütter und Töchter beobachten, ist das hervorragende ol'YouTube-Tutorial immer noch das effektivste Werkzeug, um zu lernen, wie man Lidschatten mischt.

Mishka Valentino hat einen YouTube-Kanal eröffnet, der faszinierenden Make-up-Tutorials und DIY-Schnellkorrekturen gewidmet ist. Wenn Sie durch die Kommentare unter seinem Video scrollen, ist klar, dass das Teilen von Make-up-Tipps keine Lernmethode mehr ist, sondern eher eine Möglichkeit für Puppenbesitzer, sich miteinander zu verbinden, um eine Community aufzubauen.

Für manche Menschen bedeutet dieser sichere Raum auch die Möglichkeit und Freiheit, Make-up auszuprobieren. Trotz der größten Anstrengungen von Marken wie MILK, Tom Ford und Chanel ist dies für die meisten Männer im cis-Stil immer noch ein Tabuthema. Nach sorgfältiger Prüfung scheint Make-up im Kontext dieser Puppen kein Symbol für männliche Sexualität zu sein, sondern ein Werkzeug, um Kreativität auszudrücken. Dies ermöglicht dem Besitzer, einen Sexappeal und ein Aussehen in seinen Puppen zu schaffen. Entwerfen und fördern Sie Werbung für sexuelle Anregung, Kameradschaft, künstlerische Darstellung menschlicher Vorstellungskraft und andere kreative Aktivitäten. Die attraktiven Formen dieser sex doll können reale und faszinierende Situationen simulieren, und die Make-up-Kunst kann ihnen helfen.


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